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I’m Pawel. London-based, Polish UX Designer. And I do believe, that one day web will go back from social media things to more decentralized approach like blogs were in 2010.

And because I do want to take a part in this, and I want to have my own space with my own ideas, I have created this blog.

It’s currently empty. There’s nothing to see here yet. But one day, I’m 100% sure – there will be something. I’m not really sure what’s gonna be, how often I’m going to update the internet content on this website, but yeah.

So for now – you don’t have to add my website to RSS reader (or please do! You’re gonna be notified when something new comes up) but I encourage you to look at me in other web services like Twitter, Instagram or more broadly – at Keybase.

That’s all for now, see you next time!