OMG, honestly, this ability to add websites as apps on macOS is awesome. Having an app for Fastmail which basically is website + icon badges, Mastodon website or even is just crazy and I love it!

I love how suddenly cases for a year old phone became much, much cheaper.

Sonoming my way around. Really a fan of these widgets on desktop thing.

Pizza with chillis and honey. Gamechanger. I can’t untaste it! It’s great.

Don’t quote me on this but seems like it works… fine?

Because obviously I hate myself I’ve upgraded to MacOS Sonoma already. It’s coming out on Monday, what could go wrong… Safari stuff though was worth it, for reals. It’s just great having these separate profiles >on Safari<.

I’d get that new iPhone but I really don’t need it. Being (becoming) responsible is weird

Playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with friends and it’s great so far (we had to slaughter everyone in one city but other than that I’d say we are doing ok) and found out today that Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch got discounted 75%. I guess there’s nothing I can do but getting it.

Mastodon gets better search, onboarding, and cross-server interactions

New Mastodon is actually, really, really, really, really good. Great starting point for new mastonauts.

Also - yesterday me and two of my folks went into a MTG community event. Honestly it was great! There was about 10 of us, we played two pretty long games and I loved it!

It’s finally Friday and - for real - this was one of these really long weeks.

Some sorts of golden hour thing?

Pretty lights!

Same building, feels like both colour and bw work here.

😴 Woke up at 5 am this morning. I’m ready to go to sleep now.

And apparently this one is rather unique and pricey? Looked pretty beat up but still very nice.

Went for a walk with wifey and found a few cool looking cars!

This was really the greatest product presentation ever.

Went on a walk with wifey yesterday.…

I’m actually thinking about doing exactly this thing.

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