About me


My name is Paweł and my main hobby is talking about technology. I’m not sure if this will be accurate in the future, because I’m progressively talking more about future, lifestyle and privacy than about technology, but let’s roll with it.

I was born in Poland, in the early 90’s and I’m trying to live like a proper human being. I’m also doing a lot of things in the internet. Apart from my social life in the internet, you can listen to a podcast I’m co-host – Yes Was Podcast.

In my everyday life I’m UX Designer – I’m currently working on something cool (I’m not gonna change this description ever, because hopefully I will be always working on something cool) for a London-based company. And yes – I moved from Poland to UK, so that’s something crazy.

If you want to – feel free to get in touch with me. You can use any social network I’m on or just let me know via this thing called email! It’s pawel(at)pnut.pl or pawelorzech.pl or orzech.xyz. Either way – you can always try and encrypt message to me. Just use key that’s available here and you’re good to go!