Or when ADHD meds aren’t doing shit for most of the day and then suddenly an hour before end of the workday you can do stuff that’s unimaginable to normal people but anything that had to be done today is actually done and you’re just sitting there. Cool, cool. I like how predictable all of this is.

Yeah, about that fix for iMessage - got logged out, nothing works anymore even with that privacy setting turned off. This is such a bullshit. I’m really glad that I don’t need to use iMessage on a daily basis.

So first book about photography is really entry level. Nothing new unfortunately but if someone’s starting with getting into photography it’s nicely written and there are lots of examples. The second one about portraits though is good. Interesting. I learned new stuff and saw good pics. Overall - 7/10.

I’m gonna ready it and if I’m not going to be a great photographer afterwards I’m gonna be pissed.

This one little setting made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to sign in into iMessages. Literally couldn’t figure it out for like two weeks and after randomly checking it off, iMessage logged in, synced all of my messages. Ugh.

Obviously new iPhones are the best ones yet, but holy molly, usb-c might be the only really interesting thing and I don’t really care that much*. Times are changing, my wallet is being grateful!

  • cameras are also cool, but I got proper compact camera and you can’t beat that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I like this type of getting old - I didn’t notice that there’s an Apple Keynote happening today and scheduled a meeting with friends. I’m fine, literally couldn’t care less about keynote happening. Getting rid of the fomo is good.

Well actually if apple would show new iMac with M2 Pro or M3 or whatever with like 32GB+ RAM then I’d be interested.

September is pretty fine so far in terms of temperatures

Mac - state of the desktop.

Crazy how good is to have Allegro Smart. At this point it already paid for itself like couple hundred times.

Omg.lol just got it’s matrix server and I’m convinced. So if you’d like to get in touch via matrix with me, I’m @pawel:omg.lol from now on.

😎 Brought back social.lol feed into my blog. It just feels right to use statuslog because of how easy it is.

Living that iOS 17 life like there’s no tomorrow (for my phone)

Saturdays are for contact book cleanup with moving contacts to proper accounts so work people won’t show in my messages after work hours 🤙🏻

Jumping on that beta train just before release isn’t as crazy I think. I’ve installed beta just to get that better keyboard honestly and so far has been worth it. Besides that I can’t really see much changes?


Funny thing that has changed in me - I’m not even remotely interested in iPhone Pro this year. First of all - this is my wife’s year for a new iPhone and we are not gonna spend that much money for a pro. And it’s honestly refreshing - not going after the mostest bestest one, but the one that’s fine

🍿 Tenet (2020) - ★★★★☆

Tenet poster

Not everybody knows - if you want to read RSS, you can use rss.wspanialy.eu for free. You don’t even have to tell your real name or email. It’s a nice service, I’m using it for myself as well.

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